Best Autism Books

Autism Parents are often looking for good autism books to read, so I’ve compiled a list of great autism books. You can click directly on the link to go to the book. Asperger’s Rules: How to Make Sense of School and Friends by Blythe Grossberg   Can I Tell You About Asperger Syndrome? by Jude Welton […]

Autism Mom T-Shirt

Proud Autism Mom t-shirt

Looking for an Autism Mom T-Shirt? I love this one that shows how proud you are to be an autism mom! The “Proud Autism Mom” shirt! Check it out here: Proud Autism Mom Shirt Share with friends who could use this shirt! Plus, the holiday season will be here before you know it! This is […]

What is a Weighted Blanket?

What is a weighted blanket

plus a WEIGHTED BLANKET GIVEAWAY Have you ever wondered, what exactly is a weighted blanket and how do you use a weighted blanket? Who should use a weighted blanket? What does a weighted blanket do? Want to Win a Weighted Blanket? Here’s a free weighted blanket giveaway for you! You could get a free weighted […]

Aspergers Mom / Autism Mom

Proud Autism Mom t-shirt

What is the Aspergers Mom website? Aspergers Mom – We “get” autism. We LIVE autism 24/7. We know the joys, hopes, struggles, and fears of being an autism parent. We’re passionate about empowering autism parents to become the best parents they can be through encouragement, strength, kindness, and knowledge. Making life easier, better & more […]