Sample Advocacy Letter for Autism Parents to Send to Child’s Teacher

Have you ever thought about sending an advocacy letter to your autism child’s teacher? It’s a good idea to send a quick letter of introduction to the teacher of your child who has autism. This will help your child’s teacher quickly learn important information they need to know about your child.

It seems like each year I spend a crazy amount of time writing letters and emails to my child’s teacher, so I thought, Why not write a sample letter to an autism child’s teacher that you all can use too?

So here it is! Save your time and sanity with this simple copy & paste letter! Click now to get your copy of a sample letter to your autism child’s teacher that you can use immediately and edit as needed- CLICK HERE

You can use it year after year, and no need to credit me. Enjoy – CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR SAMPLE LETTER


  1. This looks like a very informative site. I however wish you had something for the older school children. My child was not diagnosed until he was already passed the 5th grade.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! The letter can be used for any grade. My son is currently in the 7th grade and this letter would work just fine for his teachers. The basic format is the same, regardless of grade. The main difference is you send it to multiple teachers if your child is in middle school or high school.

  2. This is an awesome site!

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