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What is the Aspergers Mom website?

Aspergers Mom – We “get” autism. We LIVE autism 24/7. We know the joys, hopes, struggles, and fears of being an autism parent. We’re passionate about empowering autism parents to become the best parents they can be through encouragement, strength, kindness, and knowledge. Making life easier, better & more joyful one day at a time. So come on in, make friends. Be yourself, without being judged.

Proud Autism Mom t-shirt

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  1. Nice, my mom has Asperger and my middle child is on the spectrum.

  2. Two of my friends have sons with Autism. I really didn’t know what was entailed with their struggles every day until I stayed overnight by one of their houses. My friend was not feeling good so she asked me to come over and helped. She has a great loving relationship with him – even on his bad days! God Bless their families ❤️

  3. My nephew has this sickness also. Love the shirt. Praying for you and your family. God Bless

  4. Awesome. I don’t know anyone with Autism but I’m sure it’s very difficult

  5. I love that this site exists!

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