What is a Weighted Blanket?


Have you ever wondered, what exactly is a weighted blanket and how do you use a weighted blanket? Who should use a weighted blanket? What does a weighted blanket do? Want to Win a Weighted Blanket? Here’s a free weighted blanket giveaway for you! You could get a free weighted blanket.

What is a weighted blanket? A weighted blanket is sometimes also called a gravity blanket. It is a heavy blanket, often from 5 – 15 pounds or more of weight. The blanket contains a special material inside, often something like plastic pellets, that are evenly distributed to create extra weight. Children need a much lighter weighted blanket than adults.

Who should use a weighted blanket? Anyone can technically use a weighted blanket, but they are designed for people with sensory issues. Weighted blankets can help calm people with sensory issues, like sensory processing disorder, autism, ADHD and more. They can relieve stress and help provide relaxation. People have also reported sleeping better with a weighted blanket. The weight from the weighted blanket can provide a sensory calming experience for the person using it, similar to deep pressure, or to a big bear hug. Have you used a weighted blanket before? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below. You can enter to win a weighted blanket by clicking this link: Weighted Blanket Giveaway

Check out this video to learn more about what a weighted blanket is, who should use it, how to use a weighted blanket, and what a weighted blanket does:


  1. I’ve heard so much about these weighted blankets. They sound very insteresting, and make a lot of sense. I suffer from insomnia and anxiety (panic attacks even in my dreams). I’ve considered trying one of these out.

  2. Thank you for sharing. Thanks for sharing what a weighted blanket was.I did not know.

  3. I have a preschool student who uses a weighted blanket for nap time – it really helps him calm down and sleep more soundly.

  4. I want to try for my dog, he has a problem with getting to sleep. He can’t get enough sleep. He is nervous that something will happen. It’s worth a try to help him out. Thanks for the information.

  5. I have heard about these blankets, and I immediately thought of becoming snuggling warm under it in the upcoming winter months. This is wonderful if a blanket can help make some people with disabilities feel secure while they sleep 💤 It reminds me when I used to swaddle my babies!

  6. This is a great post I’ve always wanted to try a weighted blanket sounds like it’s nice

  7. These are so nice and really work for a lot of people. My little niece has one and can’t sleep without it. Thank you so much for sharing this great article

  8. My grandson needs one of these. It would be great to win one for him.

  9. I definitely need one of these!

  10. Great info for those who don’t know. I’d love one for myself.

  11. I’ve wanted to try these blankets, they sound interesting :3

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