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Aspergers Mom / Autism Mom

Proud Autism Mom t-shirt

What is the Aspergers Mom website? Aspergers Mom – We “get” autism. We LIVE autism 24/7. We know the joys, hopes, struggles, and fears of being an autism parent. We’re passionate about empowering autism parents to become the best parents they can be through encouragement, strength, kindness, and knowledge. Making life easier, better & more […]

Parents Guide to Autism

Parents Guide to Autism! Get a free “Parents Guide to Autism” with tips and inspiration from a REAL Autism Mom! You are NOT alone. There are LOTS of other autism parents out there, going through the same things you are, living the “Autism Life” every single day, 24/7! I’m here to support you, so come […]

5 Things You Need to Know as an Autism Mom

5 Things You Need to Know as an Autism Mom! Do you need another autism mom who understands what you’re going through? You are not alone. You’ve got this!   Hi there! I’m so glad you stopped by! I’m Jaime, and I’m an autism mom. What exactly is an autism mom? It’s someone just like […]