Autism Mom’s Prayer

Autism Mom Prayer

Dear God, I come to you as an autism mom. I am tired. I am weary. I sometimes feel so alone and scared. I ask for Your strength to help me get through this life, the strength to help me live out my vocation as an autism mom. I ask for the energy to get […]

Busy Moms Guide to Saving Money on Christmas Cards

Busy Moms Guide to Saving Money on Christmas Cards: How to Save Money on Christmas Cards Sending Christmas cards is a yearly tradition for many families. As a special needs mom, Christmas cards may be even more difficult because you are very limited on time and often on money. Christmas cards can quickly eat into […]

Autism Mom T-Shirt

Proud Autism Mom t-shirt

Looking for an Autism Mom T-Shirt? I love this one that shows how proud you are to be an autism mom! The “Proud Autism Mom” shirt! Check it out here: Proud Autism Mom Shirt Share with friends who could use this shirt! Plus, the holiday season will be here before you know it! This is […]