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Chronic Strep, Autism, and Olive Leaf Extract

I’ve done a lot of reading about autism, chronic strep, (and olive leaf extract!) and last year we discovered our son’s strep antibody levels were very high. We see a Defeat Autism Now doctor, which was where we discovered his strep levels were high. He recommended olive leaf extract for the condition. Ironically in the […]

Tenex for High Functioning Autism

So, we are restarting the Tenex for my son’s high-functioning autism. We restarted several weeks ago. I am NOT a fan of medication for autism, but our son was becoming almost unmanagable out in public social situations. Since we have restarted it, he seems to have calmed down some. But I wish he was not […]

Attention Parents of Kids who used Risperdal

This is something that really touches home for me. ***Parents with kids who used Risperdal, you may be entitled to $ Financial Compensation. Our doctor had suggested this drug for our autistic son, so please SPREAD THE WORD to other familes who may be affected by this. Go here to see if you qualify: Risperdal

Medication for Aspergers

What medicines are recommended for Aspergers? Over the last few days, I’ve been thinking a lot about Aspergers medications for our son. It appears there are no real “approved” medications for Aspergers children as young as 5. Many of the side effects of the medicines recommended by our doctor scare me. Some of them are […]

Tenex for Aspergers Aggression

Tenex for Aspegers aggression? We recently talked to our doctor about possible medications for Aspergers aggression, and in addition to recommending Risperdal, he also recommended Tenex as a possible medication to help with aggression in Aspergers Syndome. I am wondering if anyone has used Tenex (or the generic version) for Aspergers aggression? In my research, […]