Chronic Strep, Autism, and Olive Leaf Extract

I’ve done a lot of reading about autism, chronic strep, (and olive leaf extract!) and last year we discovered our son’s strep antibody levels were very high. We see a Defeat Autism Now doctor, which was where we discovered his strep levels were high. He recommended olive leaf extract for the condition. Ironically in the previous year, our son had strep throat several times, and had been on antibiotics for it every time.

It has been approximately 1 year since our son with autism started taking olive leaf extract, and he has not had strep throat once since he started taking it. I selected the Gaia Olive Leaf Extract from Amazon, as it seemed to be highly rated, and it had no additional allergens that our son was allergic to.

According to our Defeat Autism Now doctor (who is also an allergist), chronic strep can cause an increase in aggression, and our son has had issues with aggression throughout his life. I am hopeful that his aggression will decrease as his strep antibody levels lower, and as he avoids other foods he is allergic to.

Since our son with autism is not getting a flu shot this year (see Should Kids with Autism Get the Flu Shot?), I’m hoping that Olive Leaf Extract can help his immune system overall to fight off other viruses and illnesses!

QUESTION: Are any of you using olive leaf extract (or other remedies) to treat chronic strep? Does your child with autism have issues with strep throat or chronic strep? I’d love to hear your responses!