Does my husband have autism?

Does my husband have autism? Have any of your ever wondered if your spouse (for me, my husband) has autism? Our oldest son has autism, and in some ways, I see similarities between my husband and my son. I would love to hear from others out there. We watched a “Ted Talk” with Temple Grandin and she showed a quick photo that people with autism often “see” differently than people without autism. I looked at the photo and was like, “How could anyone ever see the alternate version (the version folks with autism would generally “see”)? And my husband said, “That’s what I saw.” I think it is entirely possible that he has undiagnosed autism, or very mild autism…. like almost on the spectrum, not quite on the spectrum, or just barely on the spectrum. Plus, he is an engineer, and there is always the running joke that lots of engineers and geniuses in general are on the autism spectrum, or have what used to be called “Asperger’s.”. I would love to hear from more of you out there. Does your husband have autism? Officially or unofficially diagnosed?