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The Truth About Vaccines: Vaccines for Kids

Do you ACTUALLY know what’s in the vaccine that’s given to your child? You might be surprised! We’re about to witness the greatest health debate of the 21st century, and you’re definitely going to want to have a front row seat for this. It’s a topic that lights a fire under smart people on both […]

Vaccines and Autism?

Vaccines and Autism? Is there a link between vaccines and autism? This is the ongoing debate among folks for years now. Do I think there is a link between vaccines and autism? Possibly… but this… this is unbelievable! More info here: THEAUTISMINTENSIVE.COM

Should kids with autism get the flu shot?

Wow, here’s a question I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Should we give our autistic child (son) a flu vaccine? Growing up with a mom who was a nurse, I have NEVER been a big fan of the flu shot. My mom never got a flu shot and still doesn’t. I have never gotten […]

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