Back to School Autism Mom 5 Day Challenge

Autism Mom 5 Day Back to School Challenge! Back to School time is hard for everyone, especially our kiddos with autism. It’s a new transition and a new “normal”. With the transition comes pure and utter chaos. Meltdowns, opposition, anger, frustration, anxiety, stress, fear, worry… phone calls and emails from teachers with concerns about your […]

Aspergers Mom / Autism Mom

Proud Autism Mom t-shirt

What is the Aspergers Mom website? Aspergers Mom – We “get” autism. We LIVE autism 24/7. We know the joys, hopes, struggles, and fears of being an autism parent. We’re passionate about empowering autism parents to become the best parents they can be through encouragement, strength, kindness, and knowledge. Making life easier, better & more […]

What is a Weighted Blanket?

What is a weighted blanket

plus a WEIGHTED BLANKET GIVEAWAY Have you ever wondered, what exactly is a weighted blanket and how do you use a weighted blanket? Who should use a weighted blanket? What does a weighted blanket do? Want to Win a Weighted Blanket? Here’s a free weighted blanket giveaway for you! You could get a free weighted […]

Autism Mom’s Prayer

Autism Mom Prayer

Dear God, I come to you as an autism mom. I am tired. I am weary. I sometimes feel so alone and scared. I ask for Your strength to help me get through this life, the strength to help me live out my vocation as an autism mom. I ask for the energy to get […]